From Cristo de Santa Ana, S. Coop. From CLM - VELADOR We are a company committed to the environment. Our goal is to obtain our products directly from nature, products collected by our partners developing and betting on a sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture in all possible ways. From the support of the use of ecological phytosanitary products, to the provision of training to raise awareness among all our partners.

We maintain a collaboration agreement with the Global Nature Foundation, a foundation whose objective is to preserve nature in the best possible way, this includes important ecological policies.

In addition, we collaborate in various ecological projects such as Los Aires Projects, which focuses on the preservation of biodiversity and conservation of native fauna, especially birds, supporting measures in agriculture such as leaving wider boundaries between farm and farm When working the land.

At the moment we are in the process of obtaining the QUALITAS certification, implantation of quality in the production and elaboration of the wine, which studies and analyzes that all the steps that the grape follows from the grape production are sustainable and respectful with the environment and the social environment. vineyard until the wine comes out of the same winery.

In addition, we have a wide range of organic products (wine, oil, saffron and cereal), all of them certified and approved by our Sohiscert certifier.

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